The Diaper Bag Theory

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As a first time mom everything being taught to me is new. Sometimes I get over whelmed with all of the choices they have out there for children. Especially when it comes to different products. I usually ask my mom or one of my friends with kids about certain items before I purchase them. Word of mouth is a source people having been using for years. Not to mention the influence added with social media that makes your decision to buy things 10x harder !! I know I’m not the only mom who goes online to buy something and gets hit with all sort of comments from buyers making me back pedal my choice sometimes .

In all I’m happy when I hear from other mom’s just like me because we all want the same thing . Something safe and something that will make our kids happy (And of course a bargain). Well all of these were tested when I was searching for my son’s diaper bag. If your like me then you always like to be prepared when leaving the house with your child. I quickly realized that it would be super expensive to find a decent stylish/non bulky diaper bag that could hold all of Titans things. Being prepared means having enough diapers/bottles/cups/ Toys, and emergency supplies as the list goes on. Me personally I don’t like big bulky diaper bags , but I was willing to carry whatever to get the job done. Even if that meant that I would dread packing and carrying his bag .

Well my worst fear had came true I received a diaper bag gift at my baby shower , now in all fairness it did have a cute little monkey on it and a few pockets for easy travel, but it was big . However I grew to love it being that it was my first diaper bag ever ! But I knew I would have to get another one soon. When I would take titan to the doctor I had to carry the big diaper bag and my purse, it was beginning to be team to much. I started looking online and saw this stylish bag that every mom was raving about and I thought to myself ” It can’t be that great ” they advertised a affordable stylish bag with plenty of space for all your babies needs. The places they put the pockets on the bag were unique. It was like you had space for everything even your wallet !! They also had a cute little built in wipe holder.

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