How I achieved my goal while rocking a baby on my hip !!

Moms I did it ! I finished my Community health worker certification program while entering my first year of being a first time mom. If I can do it then you can to !! Revisiting my educational goals have always been something important to me. Its pretty clear from the very first day of giving birth that I need to be in a position to provide for my child by all means necessary.

Me finishing this program while my child was under 1 yrs old , was challenging but never the less rewarding. I had hard nights and long days between juggling breastfeeding (on demand) working , being in love ( because we all know that takes so much of your energy lol) taking care of house hold duties. I could name so much everyday stuff that would get in the way on homework nights but I OVERCAME it all. You can to with the right support system around you. Truth be told with out my support system I couldn’t have done it.

Me & My son Titan with the off guard looks.

Can I let you in on a little seceret ?

So to keep it nice and short a Community health worker is someone who acts as a liaison between getting health and social services to those in need. During my time in school I have gotten the chance to volunteer at some cool events . Being in contact with so many other mothers/ women out there like me, who are just trying to figure out life while living . It has been such a big eye opener to me . This experience has taught me so much I’m even thinking about going back to obtain my bachelors degree ! You can do anything you put your mind to. Having My mom take the same course I took with me in the same semester was just a added bonus to give me that push I needed. Seeing her accomplish something as well motivated me to realize no matter what your age or time frame its NEVER to late to be a goal SETTER.

When its all said and done whats holding you back ? Fear ! Fear can only last so long before your inner voice creeps in and lets you know that you’ve got this. Once you slap all of those fears away you become UNSTOP ABLE.

Lets try something here together Today …..

  1. Write down on a piece of paper your goals
  2. Next write down your fears ( Pertaining to whats standing in your way)
  3. LASTLY… throw away the list of FEARS and focus on your goals .

Over the next month figure out what steps you can take to get closer to your goals. Remember that everyone’s goals may not look like yours. That’s what makes you unique . It may be something as small as getting all house hold things done, or finally publishing that book you been writing. Whatever the goal is find some-type of motivation to get there. As always I will be here every step of the way if you need more tips leave a comment below . I have a feeling this conversation will spark a fire in you to make a change !

Until next time, Mommas