The Hands Free Momma Gadgets

How do us mothers get through our busy day? let alone stay-at-home mothers. It’s like you have to have a battery pack built-in to keep up with these kids. My little doesn’t even walk yet and he’s already running circles around me with his mood swings.

I think its a no-brainier that rather your babysitting someone’s kid or watching your own you will need some activities to do or some of these gadgets/baby toys to keep the little ones busy. I know I mention that I’m a first-time mom a lot, but even more so I’m a SHAM ( stay at home mom). I have to watch over Titan and keep up with household things not to mention keep this blog flowing with awesome content. At first I was little discouraged like how am I going to keep up with all of this ? How am I going to keep him happy and still maintain around the house . I don’t like to sit my baby in front of the television all day and my main concern is always safety 1st if I have to walk away and tend to something. So at my baby shower, I was thankfully  gifted with a few items as well as I have gone out and purchased a few on my own. If your baby is anything like mine then you have tried a few things that did work and a few that didn’t. His rock and play wasn’t a hit and home run for him right off the back but he soon grew to love it. however, as a 7-month-old baby, he has changed stages and is now so into his jumper and bouncer !! I can actually get a few dishes done and a load in the wash while he’s in his jumper. I’m just going to show you what I’m talking about I’m not into wasting time I live for solutions so here goes

The does all jumper

This has made my little one so happy. He thrives when he’s in this thing. I love the bright colors on it and fuzzy little details. It plays music, it lights up & adjusts to 3 different levels. It will grow with your baby in all ages up to 1+ depending on weight and it so easy to move around the house. So if you need to get something done this could possibly be your best friend.

Don’t have the room for the big toy in your way? Then maybe this next item will suit you better

The small bouncing buddy

This bouncer is so cute and lightweight with adjustable safety buckles.I don’t have to worry too much about my baby getting out. But if you have a child that’s at the sitter stage I’d keep an eye on them. You don’t want your little one leaning forward and possibly hitting his head. I love the feature play bar because it’s detachable so if your little one isn’t feeling the toy he has a hands-free option. I’ve even been guilty of feeding titan his solids in this thing once or twice (A mommas gotta do what mommas gotta do ).

Now some people get them mixed up but to me the difference between the jumper and a bouncer is evident. The jumper will let your little one move more freely so they won’t have to sit still ; Where as a bouncer keeps them in place with a play bar in front of them. whichever you choose both are great options to keep them safe, engaged and keeping your hands-free for a sec. These like so many other options out there help us get things done. We can not hold our baby’s all day and expect to get dinner prepared. (Who am I kidding my Titan won’t let me put him down half the time ) But what we can do is create a balance so that we get to spend time with our little one and see them put their imagination to work while playing and learning on their own. If your still feeling to tired and discouraged read my post on how to keep pushing when you have felt like you’ve had enough. You got this under control we are all super moms in our own right.

This post did contain some affiliate links ,but If you want something like what I’ve got then visit the links above. What are some of your go to toys for your little one? Comment below to continue the conversation I would love to hear your take.

Until next time mommas.