How to increase your milk production in 3 easy steps

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Hey mommas! I’m a breast feeding mom who has learned a lot about breast feeding through research and advice from my best friend . Although this journey has not been a easy one I’m 8 months in and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I struggled a lot with producing milk and was told that I could increase my milk production on my own or with the help of these lactation snacks and a good pump routine . I DID BOTH … when I first came home from the hospital I was a pumping machine.  Since Titan wouldn’t latch well I bottled fed him for the first week. After a lot of patience and praying he finally caught the drift of it.

Although I was making enough milk to feed him through out the day I stressed about making a “Milk stash” and having plenty of milk for bottles in case other people wanted to feed him like his dad etc. Lord forbid I had to send him to a daycare

( Thankfully I haven’t had to I’m a stay at home mom) and I wouldn’t have enough breast milk to send with him. I started doing research on ways to keep my milk production up and so many things pop up on the web. Now what works for one momma may not work for another . But I would recommend these options to any one .


I personally tried all other methods before diving into these cookies. But when I tell you that I made a good choice by trying them I’m not exaggerating ! Not only do they taste good ,but you only need to eat a few cookies a day (Or you could eat the whole pack like me ) . These cookies aren’t harmful to you or the child.  My Titan didn’t have any bad reactions.  Also noted My milk did not decrease in any way. I herd that some other women have experience a decrease in milk after trying snacks with  the Fenugreek ingredient  in them (These cookies do not include that ). However I saw a instant change within the next couple of days. My boobs were full of milk and I was able to pump for a full bottle. I would recommend these to any one who is on the go and needs a boast.


This pump has made my transition into breast feeding so easy. It has different pump levels and massage options for those in need of a little help with self expressing there milk. It has a built in night light for that late night pump session. I can not stress enough that  The more you pump the more you send signals to your body that it needs to produce more milk. You have to keep a good pump routine so that your body can keep up with your child’s eating demands. Try to get a quick 15 min session in the early morning’s when your breast tend to be more fuller. And try to repeat that 4-5 times a day.


A lot of mom’s complain about not making enough milk without realizing that they have to stay hydrated themselves . You’ve got to drink plenty of H2O !!! I can’t stress enough how this plays a big part in breastfeeding . I have even went as far as drank the “Secret” blue Gatorade that’s been a myth to have helped lots of mothers produce more milk. I’m no lactation consultant but I will say that when I had that flavor I did wake up with fuller breast and was ready for a feeding. At the end of the day it all results back to staying hydrated and replenishing your body from all the energy it takes to breast feed.

I am sure you’ve  herd some of these tips before if so pass them on to a friend or take the advice yourself. Breast feeding is a big part of my daily routine and although it can be trying at times Im so happy I made the choice to do it. So don’t give up mommas keep pumping, stay hydrated and try a cookie or too. Contact your local lactation office  for more tips on this topic.  If you want to continue the conversation lets chat leave a comment below .

**Please be advised that before trying any products always talk it over with your doctor


The truth behind the myth of black women breastfeeding

I should for warn you that I do not want to offend any one with my take on this topic. I really am only here to have a open conversation with you about the history of being a black woman and breastfeeding . There are things I’ve been blind to and I want to share with you my experiences on this subject.




This post is a little different then my usual  post. I want to have a conversation with you  during this black history month. Call me stupid or call me a out of touch mom, but I’m just now finding out about something know as “wet nursing ” which has been going on since slavery days over 100 years ago. Black slaved women were forced to raise and breastfeed there owners children. Now being that I am a breast feeding mom I want to focus on the fact that these women were forced to feed others children. I have just started my breast feeding journey 6 months ago after the birth of my son. Never did it cross my mind ever that if was born back in the day my choice to breastfeed could have have been token from me and I could have been forced to do it unwillingly. I’m livid at the idea of slavery of any kind no matter what race altogether. But I feel even more sadden that something so special as breastfeeding your child sometimes was not a choice back then. As if being raped and tormented wasn’t enough in the slave times. Breastfeeding is a full time job. Its not all cakes and pies. You have to be dedicated to the process of taking on the responsibility of providing nutrition  for your child. Its also an emotionally bond that is between mother and child. Me personally I cant imagine having to share my breast/feeding with another child that was not my own  unless I wanted to. Continue reading “The truth behind the myth of black women breastfeeding”