The truth about mommy writers block

Hey mommas, it’s been over a month since I have wrote a blog post . Although I would love to blame it on me having writers block it’s just not that simple. Life’s really got me by the hook right now. After celebrating my 28 birthday I kinda felt stuck.

I’m just as normal as any other mom out there trying to find her way threw this thing called”motherhood ” . Although I would love to say it’s been all peaches and pies , it hasn’t . There’s mothering, family, love-life and career choices mixed all in one and I just got burnt out on all of the above. If these other mom “Bloggers” won’t tell you I will ; It’s hard to make time for pumping milk , keeping a blog updated and delicious full course meals on the table every night. Not to mention The fact that I have been failing miserably at this exercise thing. I just want to excel at this thing called motherhood and be able to get through a complete list of things to do in one week.

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3 warning signs it’s time to break up with your birth control

Hey there mommas , sorry about the scary post title but I felt the need to be a bit dramatic. As I write this post I have a long awaited doctors appointment with my obgyn tomorrow , I am one nervous momma  to say the least.  However I’m still more confused as why it took me so long to make the appointment in the first place(as it always is with any break up ). One thing I do know for sure is that it’s time to break up with my IUD birth control.

I initially got my birth control a couple of months after the birth of my son, I felt that it was the right thing to do by doctors orders and by my own decision to wait for another child. Looking back I wish I would have waited and did more research on this matter. We aren’t talking about trying out a new food and not liking it . We’re talking about something that is semi permanent but could have long term effects on you and your body as a women. It scared the living day lights out of me but all I kept thinking was I don’t want to be pregnant again within a year ! Which made me make a big choice within a little time.

After doing slight research and haven already had previous experience with the patch (yikes I gained so much weight with that method ) in the past. I chose to go with the IUD -liletta  this time. The idea of not having to worry about getting pregnant for 3 years and the fact that it’s a one time insert procedure made me feel like it was the easiest thing to do. I skimmed through the paper work of the pros and cons about it in the waiting room and just went with it . What’s the worst thing that could happen right ?

Well Number 1.

The procedure was awful, painful, and unbecoming. As I laid back on the cold chair in the doctors office I kept starring at the ceiling thinking why am I doing this again ? Yes they did warn me that it would be some discomfort but it felt like birth all over again with the pap smear like beginning. I think everyone herd me in the doctors office when I yelled out ” I can’t take it ” my stomach was contracting so fast at that point.


Besides the awkward ride home from the doctors office, I popped some meds and took it easy the rest of the day . I felt like everything would be fine after a couple of days and I wouldn’t have to worry about the little U shaped object with strings that were inside of me. The worst part was over right ?

Wrong again


It was explained to me that after a couple of months I would have little to no period/bleeding . That was a lie . I’ve experience so much spoting that it’s almost annoying to get dressed because I always have to be mindful of my situation. The cramps have been like a blow to my stomach. The worst ever !


I’ve gained so much weight it has put me in a bad place emotionally. After the birth of titan I was losing weight fast because of the breast feeding and pumping I was doing. The Iud in my case has reversed that. I can’t seem to lose weight at all and my cravings for food has increased . I’m not sure if it’s the hormones or what but after I get it token out I’m hoping for some type of weight loss.

Those are just a few of my complaints about this birth control. After taking all of this in consideration I feel like it’s time to let go of it. I wake up with pain in my legs and stomach area every week. I kept telling my self it would go away but after 6 months now and no change. It’s time to BREAK UP. Besides I’m only 27 years old and I wouldn’t want to do any other damage to my body as it pertains to producing more babies.I just cant take this discomfort anymore or the unknown feeling of what this thing is doing to my lady parts. Not to mention in the fine print they say you could experience blood clots, pelvic disease and cysts on your ovaries. As if that’s not scary enough, I’m just not willing to stick  around to find out if it’s true.

I don’t know about you but my body isn’t taking well to this birth control and through more research I may decide to go with another one within the next year. I don’t want to rush into having another child right now as Titan already keeps me busy. Plus with my new business ventures I’m just starting to do everything I’ve dreamed of, but if god places another baby into my life I wont be mad.

With that said,  for now I’m breaking up with birth control. If you have any questioneds or comments please feel free to connect with me below. If you want more information on the IUD visit here.


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The truth behind the myth of black women breastfeeding

I should for warn you that I do not want to offend any one with my take on this topic. I really am only here to have a open conversation with you about the history of being a black woman and breastfeeding . There are things I’ve been blind to and I want to share with you my experiences on this subject.




This post is a little different then my usual  post. I want to have a conversation with you  during this black history month. Call me stupid or call me a out of touch mom, but I’m just now finding out about something know as “wet nursing ” which has been going on since slavery days over 100 years ago. Black slaved women were forced to raise and breastfeed there owners children. Now being that I am a breast feeding mom I want to focus on the fact that these women were forced to feed others children. I have just started my breast feeding journey 6 months ago after the birth of my son. Never did it cross my mind ever that if was born back in the day my choice to breastfeed could have have been token from me and I could have been forced to do it unwillingly. I’m livid at the idea of slavery of any kind no matter what race altogether. But I feel even more sadden that something so special as breastfeeding your child sometimes was not a choice back then. As if being raped and tormented wasn’t enough in the slave times. Breastfeeding is a full time job. Its not all cakes and pies. You have to be dedicated to the process of taking on the responsibility of providing nutrition  for your child. Its also an emotionally bond that is between mother and child. Me personally I cant imagine having to share my breast/feeding with another child that was not my own  unless I wanted to. Continue reading “The truth behind the myth of black women breastfeeding”