We all have bad days

Hey mommas out there ,  I have come here to do a little Ranting & raving. Can we talk?

  Being a mom isn’t easy but when you look at your sweet little one its so hard to stay mad. I had a rough last week. Titan has been up and down and right at the peak of his 6 1/2  month growth spurt.  Although it has been fun watching him grow and find his toes. Its defiantly been a test to my energy level. Sleep is all I crave ! Am I wrong for wanting a little sleep here and there ? No Im not and you are not either. If you run on E all day and  have enough energy and patience with your baby I applaud you. I try to sneak in little naps here and there but lets face it I still have laundry to do and a million other things to keep the house afloat.  One night it felt like no matter what toy I gave Titan he just wouldn’t play. It was at that very moment that I ran through the checklist all moms do. Diaper changed ? Is he hungry ? Does he have gas ? Is anything irritating him ? Nothing was wrong, But one thing he was fighting his sleep . Here I am sitting here about to dose off and here he is fighting his sleep when it could all be so simple. Just close your eyes Titan and we both can rest peacefully.  That’s not how it works for baby’s though , they need comfort and sometimes want to hear they’re sweet little voices. After figuring this out ( me being a first -time mom and all ) I gave in  I wasn’t going to get any sleep and my best bet was to just turn on Bubbie Guppies and rock my Titan . It worked wonders. I think that our moods sometimes effect our children, sometimes you just have to go with it and take a deep breathe and release. Its crazy how after being so frustrated Titan can just smile or blow spit bubbles and my mood lightens. As moms we all have bad days and its better to talk about them with a friend or family member so you don’t feel alone. My friends and mom are life savers when it comes to this , I can always call them and they give me some good advice. Its so easy to feel overwhelmed, If you have someone you trust to watch your child for a quick 30 mintue nap take it. I know I am not the only one with break through moments like this. If you have some of your own bad day experiences  comment them down below. Titan is still the apple of my eye and I could still use 1 more nap . Its  Normal Im just starting off at this super mom thing.

Until next time .

The truth behind the myth of black women breastfeeding

I should for warn you that I do not want to offend any one with my take on this topic. I really am only here to have a open conversation with you about the history of being a black woman and breastfeeding . There are things I’ve been blind to and I want to share with you my experiences on this subject.




This post is a little different then my usual  post. I want to have a conversation with you  during this black history month. Call me stupid or call me a out of touch mom, but I’m just now finding out about something know as “wet nursing ” which has been going on since slavery days over 100 years ago. Black slaved women were forced to raise and breastfeed there owners children. Now being that I am a breast feeding mom I want to focus on the fact that these women were forced to feed others children. I have just started my breast feeding journey 6 months ago after the birth of my son. Never did it cross my mind ever that if was born back in the day my choice to breastfeed could have have been token from me and I could have been forced to do it unwillingly. I’m livid at the idea of slavery of any kind no matter what race altogether. But I feel even more sadden that something so special as breastfeeding your child sometimes was not a choice back then. As if being raped and tormented wasn’t enough in the slave times. Breastfeeding is a full time job. Its not all cakes and pies. You have to be dedicated to the process of taking on the responsibility of providing nutrition  for your child. Its also an emotionally bond that is between mother and child. Me personally I cant imagine having to share my breast/feeding with another child that was not my own  unless I wanted to. Continue reading “The truth behind the myth of black women breastfeeding”

T0P 4 reasons why being a mom is worth it

Valentines day is for all things love related . When your feeling over whelmed from being a mom remember that every day is worth it. lets jump right into it …

4 reasons why being a mom is worth it

As a first time mom my self, I am going through the grits of it all. Sleepless nights, early play times at 3 am plus more. That very moment that Titan has me feeling defeated I try to think back to why I signed up to be a mom in the first  place. Its stressful sometimes, as if the long hours of labor pains wasn’t enough. I can only think of one word , LOVE lots of unconditionally LOVE. There are many days when I don’t get to give much to my self. But when I know that my child is okay and smiling I know that my job has been well done. So take a deep breathe momma and exhale . .  Here is a cute little reminder of why your doing over time shifts with your little one.

YOU ALWAYS HAVE A FRIEND – You know that saying ” As long as I’m here your never alone” Well its right in ever way. Having a child keeps you on your toes, those little conversations you have on a daily with your child builds a friendship and a bond. Soon you and your child will have your own special lingo that no one but you guys will understand

  • OUTINGS  ARE MORE FUN – No more eating by your self at a restaurant if you don’t want to.  I personally have took Titan out to eat with me in a group setting and have loved the looks he gets in his cute little outfits or just how is eyes light up seeing all the different faces and lighting. Its like all the fun places you always said you cant wait to check out seem more funner with your child. The zoo, museums, Chuckie Cheese (Because what kid doesn’t love a good slice of pizza and a game ) just to name a few.
  • HOLIDAYS – I can’t picture the holidays with out my son. We just recently shared our first Christmas together  and it was very emotional for me . He is not 1 yrs old yet so he doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas . That didn’t stop me from wrapping the gifts as if he could open them though.  Another great holiday that makes motherhood feel worth it is Mothers day.   I will finally get to experience that day as a mom my self this year . The day that all super moms are celebrated for giving life. The holidays are all about family and being thankful . All those late nights and laundry loads you had to do seems worth it when your child comes up to you and says “Thank you mom you are the best”.  It feels good right ?
  • INSPIRATION – I am becoming more of a go- getter than I have ever been in my life. Do you remember life before you had your child ? Sure I miss those crazy wild nights out with my friends . Even though I remember more freedom to do pretty much what I wanted, with out having to worry about much consequences . Having a child grounds you in ways you’ve never felt before. You move more cautiously as you realize your choices in life now effect you and your little one. Titan makes me dig deep into what I want out of life and what I’m going to do to achieve it. I want stability and to be financially free. I want him to grow up and say ” Mom you’ve done a great job at raising me and making a life for us “. Our kids our the future , for there is no better promise than that its self.

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How to handle a sick child

As Valentines day approaches, I’m neither happy or feeling the love. It sucks because this is one of my favorite times of the year

With the flu  and sickness epidemic floating  around, me and baby Titan are sick. Yes we both have the cant sleep- runny nose drip thing going on. As a first time mom I’m experiencing my little one go through this for the first time and it has been a ride to say the least.  We don’t have the flu but more so of the common cold . Here is my list of the  TOP 3 things that helped me while Titan was sick . I will also leave a link below for  a few signs of when its time to take your little one to the doctor.

Top 3 items that helped me while my child was sick

  1.  HAND SANITIZER –  I always keep this on me in my diaper bag or purse but its especially important to always wash your hands before handling your baby when sick and after. You do not  want to keep transferring any germs between your little one or you.
  2. NOSE SUCTION-  I’m not going to even try to convince you that baby’s love when you use this item, but its helped me so much with Titans clogged nose. By using this through out the day my baby felt more relief when he slept & during  his Breastfeeding session. I saw more of a improvement in him.  He was able to focus more on his meal and didn’t have to struggle as much to breathe. ( Side note * he did cry sometimes when I did it, so afterwards I placed a little Vaseline around his nose to help the dryness or irritation .)
  3. Humidifier –  This is a miracle from the gods! No more old school getting in your  bathtub and running the shower so steam can feel your nostrils. All you do is fill this item up with water and let it do the work for you. It helps you breathe better and filters out clean air .

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Let me start off by saying hi Im Bioncca. A First time mom to a almost 6 month old  little boy named Titan ,who rules my world . As I type this post BEBE REXHA’S  ” If its meant to be “song is playing in the back ground. I am ecstatic and feel so accomplished to have finally started my blog.  There is no hard way to explain the right way of starting a blog, but rather just simply doing it.  I have put this off for over 4 years and am finally putting my fingers to the keyboard and making it happen.  I guess I should start from the beginning.

Ever since I was young I’ve kept journals after journals lying around filled with stories, pictures or simple day planning. You name it I wrote it. Of course over the years my topics have changed a little ( I am positively  sure I’m not still into Tommy from the fourth grade .) But the main course  was always in front of me, WRITING was always my #1. Looking back at all the great content I could have wrote about I’m mad at myself for not pursing this at a earlier time. But hey were here now and 4 years later I still have funny stories to tell . Now that I’m a mom my whole life has changed for the better, but that also depends on what day you ask me . (Just being honest we all have bad days ). Continue reading “HOW TO FINALLY START YOUR MOM BLOG”