Let me start off by saying hi Im Bioncca. A First time mom to a almost 6 month old  little boy named Titan ,who rules my world . As I type this post BEBE REXHA’S  ” If its meant to be “song is playing in the back ground. I am ecstatic and feel so accomplished to have finally started my blog.  There is no hard way to explain the right way of starting a blog, but rather just simply doing it.  I have put this off for over 4 years and am finally putting my fingers to the keyboard and making it happen.  I guess I should start from the beginning.

Ever since I was young I’ve kept journals after journals lying around filled with stories, pictures or simple day planning. You name it I wrote it. Of course over the years my topics have changed a little ( I am positively  sure I’m not still into Tommy from the fourth grade .) But the main course  was always in front of me, WRITING was always my #1. Looking back at all the great content I could have wrote about I’m mad at myself for not pursing this at a earlier time. But hey were here now and 4 years later I still have funny stories to tell . Now that I’m a mom my whole life has changed for the better, but that also depends on what day you ask me . (Just being honest we all have bad days ). Continue reading “HOW TO FINALLY START YOUR MOM BLOG”