About me

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Hi, I am  Bioncca Walker – a Texas girl  with no -filter who is very in tune with this generation’s pop- culture. I have had  drive and compassion in me since the age of 6 . I became a mom in 2017 to a bouncing boy named Titan. Like most first time moms I have heard it all. Starting with Titan’s raging grandmother telling me how to  perfectly swaddle a baby (which he does not like to be swaddled anymore by the way!). I have friends who pretend their kids sleep over night gracefully. I’ve joined over 5 Facebook mom / breastfeeding groups that all offer a variety of different techniques. But they still didn’t cover the stuff that moms are afraid to talk about .  I am the mom who still cant find the time to do a decent hairstyle or reply back to a group chat. Not to mention the hard news I had to comically  break to Titans dad about how my boobs are now off limits, as they belong to Titan now for his feedings. Going through all of this plus more, I realized that there is a world full of moms who don’t know it all just like me. You could use the laughter & support from my blog to get you through your day. This is the best time in my life to document my journey as I showcase my struggles as a mom, friend, lover, and entrepreneur. We as women should highlight our flaws and hold up our blessings, as we stand by each other when its time to go after everything we deserve in life. That’s what this is about, the crying sleepless nights, the one day out of the month you get to hang out with your friends and let loose. The Finally finishing a project you worked so hard on in between play time & feeding your little one. I want to share with women across the world that Being Your Self Works .