6 random things I’ve learned over the past few weeks..

Hey mommas, First let me start off by welcoming my own return to my blog .

Okay so you want to know what I’ve been up to ? point blank in a nut shell Motherhood! I’ve been all over the place . I’m back enrolled in school and having separation anxiety from Titan. I’ve had to keep up with my goal of implementing some type of exercise through out the week and I’ve also had some personal obstacles during the last 2 months. But I’m back and ready to reconnect and inspire some women/moms again . So here’s a list of crazy random ,cliche things I’ve learned.

1. When life gives you lemons make lemon pie.

I dont handle sudden Changes well and sometimes I get so stuck in a world wind, that the actual problem it’s self seems bigger then it is. I stressed over who would watch Titan while I was at school. Only to have my little brother step up to help with no fuss(PROBLEM SOLVED). Now I can focus on getting my certification as a Community health advocate in hope of reaching out to help more people.

2. Being organized is the key to success.

When it comes down to it we are at our best when we already know the “Game plan ” . You have to list, alarms, reminders and goal setters if you want to be successful . How else will you remember to meet deadlines ? I hate going into things blindly, I like to know what I’m doing…I feel more in charge that way.

3. Find love in yourself

It is so utterly hard to find love in someone else when you don’t already love your self ! Before aware of the red flags when falling in love . I’ve come across this way to many times in my life to the point were I tell myself

” look you are enough, you are talented and you light up the room with your smile”

Sometimes you just need a little self boost to remind yourself of how rocking you really are when people try to tear you down.

4. Kids 1st birthdays shouldn’t be huge

I recently celebrated Titans 1st birthday in August with a bubble guppie theme party. Let’s just say that I still have left over party favors in September!! And he fell asleep before cake and ice cream/ gift opening. Do -not go over your budget or over the top for a party. Your baby will just love to see that thier parents are smiling at them and good vibes are in the air.

5. Stay CONNECTED with friends and family.

In a world full of technology it’s really easy to stay in contact with people . With all the different social media outlets or just a regular phone call here and there is good for the soul. You can’t handle life alone , we need adult conversations in our life it can’t be all baby talk. It’s good to release and let people in on what’s going on with you. When we shut our selves off from the world we tend to become sheltered in our own right , which is not always a good thing.

6. It’s okay to reinvent our selves

I have changed career paths over 5 times. I have fallen in love 3 times . I have changed my hair color with what mood I’m feeling. I go back and forth in my head on what’s right and what’s wrong. I have left some friendships in the past and I have refuel old ones as well. My views on certain topics have changed since having my first child and I’m not going to apologize for it. We are women it’s okay to change our minds ! You can not fully grow until you have shed old skin (Habits) . I say all this to say be yourself, be kind, be different . Explore new outlooks on life .Change is good when needed.



If you have discovered new things about your self or have commentary about something on my list, feel free to comment below or email me @ bioncca@beingmyselfworks.com.

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