The truth about mommy writers block

Hey mommas, it’s been over a month since I have wrote a blog post . Although I would love to blame it on me having writers block it’s just not that simple. Life’s really got me by the hook right now. After celebrating my 28 birthday I kinda felt stuck.

I’m just as normal as any other mom out there trying to find her way threw this thing called”motherhood ” . Although I would love to say it’s been all peaches and pies , it hasn’t . There’s mothering, family, love-life and career choices mixed all in one and I just got burnt out on all of the above. If these other mom “Bloggers” won’t tell you I will ; It’s hard to make time for pumping milk , keeping a blog updated and delicious full course meals on the table every night. Not to mention The fact that I have been failing miserably at this exercise thing. I just want to excel at this thing called motherhood and be able to get through a complete list of things to do in one week.

After my birthday / having my first mothers day I felt over whelmed with mixed emotions and a urge to focus back on my career goals , however that was not possible because I’m was not ready to let go of baby Titan just yet. I started pounding my brain with questions like

” Would I be able to pump enough breast milk for the babysitter ?”

” Am I wrong for wanting to do something for my self ? ”

Well I ended up shutting my self off from the world while trying to figure these things out. Just me and my baby all day every day . Well that got old quick and I realized that I can DO- IT all. There’s thousands of mothers who juggle it all and are just fine. So I started getting back motivated day by day by ..

  1. Watching daily worship on YouTube. ( Joel ostin )
  2. Reading other mom’s blogs
  3. Reaching out for help when needed .

And last but not least just believing in myself.

I started this Being myself works movement for a reason. To empower women all over the world by spreading self love . I’m not ready to let go of my dreams just because I’ve hit a block in the road. I’m going to keep pushing and I hope That you will to !

What have I been up to lately ? I’ve since then been able to get more things done. I’m actually finishing my to do list (while having Titan crawling around me). I try to do little workouts when I can which in turn helps my mood through out the day. I have ecstatically made the choice to enroll back in school. Titan will be with family so I can have a peace of mind knowing my child is safe and around love.

Needless to say …. Never give up ! I’m so happy to be apart of this blogging community and to just be a Mommy period . Everyone isn’t blessed with the opportunity to experience motherhood. Even though it may seem hard you can still achieve anything you put your mind to.

We’re all in this together ! I would love to hear from you questions ? Comments? Or a few emojis of love. whatever it is leave it down below or email me .

– Until next time mommas

If you or anyone you know is suffering from post partum depression please click this link for more help

My email is if needed.

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