Are You The Alternative Momma?

Do you feel like you get judged sometimes as a mom due to your appearance?

Do you share different beliefs that one might think prevents you from being a good mom?

Do you get stares because you may be in a single parent household

Well let’s talk then mommas, I’m sure we all have more in common then one would like to think. Let me just start off by saying this, I was a different woman before I had my son and even though I thought everything would change about me it didn’t. Sure I may not go out as much as I did before but there are sometimes I just want a break. A night out on the town to let my hair free maybe even have a couple of shots. Does that make me a bad mom? No, it doesn’t. I’m still capable of giving the same love to my child as anyone else. As mothers its already hard on us to be the supermoms we are, and once we throw society in that our views on motherhood are easily persuaded.

Back to this appearance thing might take a look at me and make a judgment.I have facial piercings and a few small tattoos but I’m still kind and I promise I don’t bite. I would really hate to think that in the future when I’m setting up my Titans play dates, some mothers would be put off at the thought of hanging out with me or him because of appearance. I’m even all for blended families. It’s like 2018 we’ve got to loosen up as a society from those old myths of ” Good moms don’t have tattoos ” or those whispers of “If she was a good mother she would have took those piercings out “. No – Way! Being a mother doesn’t stop me from being self-expressive in ways that I find creative and it shouldn’t stop you either.

Okay so maybe you don’t have tattoos or big colorful hair but maybe you have different views on certain things. I’m not going to get all political on you( I don’t like discussing politics with friends lol ) but what I will say is if you believe in same-sex relationships or if you’re in one, then power to you what works for you may not work for the next parent. Long as your child is in a loving home that’s all that should matter. If you have felt judged for having a different parenting style

(Please be mindful that I’m assuming that your style is safe and not harmful to the child )

remember that some people grew up in a different household then you, a lot of those ways carried with them.

What about the fact that you/or someone else may have been in a relationship but something didn’t work out with the Childs father so now they are a single parent. That doesn’t make them incompetent of mothering. I’m personally thankful that Titan has had the best experience with his dad so far, which has helped me. But from what I have seen from other peoples experiences, it builds strength from deep in you because you are having to do things alone. You and that child’s bond will be strong as bricks because it’s just you too. Although a 2 parent household is better in some cases, in others some mothers didn’t have a choice. Have you ever stop to ask someone why it’s just them and their child? You don’t know if a loved one has died or maybe just away in our military service and can’t be there for the day to day things.

In closing, I just want to leave you with this on your mind. Whichever side you’re on its okay to be your self, that’s what message I’m trying to share with the world being yourself just works. As women and mothers we already have a lovely spirit to us so let’s continue to spread that.

However of course if you see a child being neglected then take matters into getting that child help. But if you see a mother who may be a little different on the outside try to give them a chance before you just write them off.

You know what they say opposites attract.You just might find another good mom friend.

Until next time mommas.

Here are a few helpful links

** If you know of any child needing help contact your local hotline for child abuse

Also if you are feeling like your needing someone to talk to connect with me or a women’s hotline

2 thoughts on “Are You The Alternative Momma?”

  1. ❤️this! Thanks for touching on this! A lot of moms need to hear this! Self expression shouldn’t be the reason you’re sitting alone at the park with your kids. Bad attitude, maybe. But not because you look or think a little different than the next mother. I try to speak to parents sometimes at the park just to mingle… I mean our kids are playing together so what’s the harm? But I get the cold shoulder. Is it because I’m at the park, WITHOUT A HUSBAND?!?!?! Omg or is it because I have too many tattoos??? Who knows. But I won’t let that be the reason to judge other moms. I love all moms! It takes a STRONG woman to raise a child in this world!

    1. Thanks for your feed back, it puzzles me why some mothers would judge one another but one thing we all do have in common is wanting the best for our kids.

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