5 cheap activities to do during spring break

Spring break is here and you may may want to have a little fun with your child but dont want to have to break the bank. Well good news, you don’t have to ! Here is my list of 5 fun things to do in Texas with your family that are memory worthy.

Hi there mommas, spring break is here. The week we all either dread or love. Some might love spring break because its a a full week of spending time with your family or friends, while others may dread the idea of a house full of kids running around with nothing to do.  Rather you love it or hate it you have come to the right place. I am going to share with you some places I love to visit during this crunch time. Let me start this list of with my number 1 tip .. Saving money. Who doesn’t like to save a buck ? I’m going to try to keep this list with activities under $25 dollars . Lets get to it, I want you to feel confident scheduling your week without a glitch .

1. Dallas zoo 

This has always been a favorite place for me to visit. Having worked here a couple years back I’ve gotten to experience a lot of fun times seeing animals in  a fast paced atmosphere. Me and baby Titan went here this past weekend and it was a blast his first zoo trip. We walked around site seeing and even had the chance to feed a giraffe. As far as lunch goes they do have a restaurant (prices vary) or you could always save extra money buy bringing your own lunch (I would recommend that ) even having the kids help pack their lunch prior to going could be something fun for you both.  Although being a member comes with great perks you still can go and enjoy this fun attraction for less.   Adults $15 • kids 3-11 are $12 • Children 2 & under free   

2. Children’s Aquarium at fair park 

If you are a fish lover or just like blue waters and tranquility , this is the place for you. They have many activities within this small place to explore. Lots of up close fish tanks to look and learn with your child. Plus another added bonus to saving money you can bring your lunch here to mommas. They have a sting ray bay touch and feed section (only $2 for this ) Parking is always available and its fun for all ages don’t let the name fool you. Its one of the best places to go at fair park in Dallas. Adults $8 • kids 3-6 $6 • Children 2& under free !

3. Nicklerama 

A family owned building full of arcades games almost like a chuckie chesse but every game you play is a nickel. You cant beat 5 cents per game. They have a set up like no other with its unique style Cafeteria tables. You can bring your own drinks and food. With games and prizes and a entry price of only $3.50 , its sure to put a big smile on your kids faces. For a spring break special if you buy a $5.00 cup of nickels you get in free ! 

4. Klyde warren park

Kids love parks and moms love taking them. Have a seat while you watch your child play with his or her imagination at this beautiful  park for free! If your interested in indulging a little more they have food trucks from 11 am – 4 pm  that serve all your favorite classics like  Mexican tacos / hotdogs etc.  Even bring your family dog to there mini dog park area. The also have a small free games section that’s sure to keep your big kids or little one busy.

5. little Elms sandy beach 

Free for all , enjoy a little water time with your child at this nice beach area. Pack a lunch and have a nice picnic. You could watch others play volley ball or join in on the fun yourself. They have hiking trails as well for fun or exercise (hmm you could squeeze in some you time ) I personally haven’t visited here yet but I herd if you pick a good day weather wise you’ll have a great free experience.

As my list of fun things to do comes to a end, I want to leave you with this thought of ” where there is  a will there is a way “. If you don’t have a car to do these activities ride the bus, catch Lyft or simple ask a friend for a ride.  But always remember just being with your kids no matter what the plans are is a blessing . Do not stress out mommas just keeping them smiling and they’ll appreciate that. Links are posted below for locations and more info on these places.

Until next time, enjoy your spring break.




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