How to handle a sick child

As Valentines day approaches, I’m neither happy or feeling the love. It sucks because this is one of my favorite times of the year

With the flu  and sickness epidemic floating  around, me and baby Titan are sick. Yes we both have the cant sleep- runny nose drip thing going on. As a first time mom I’m experiencing my little one go through this for the first time and it has been a ride to say the least.  We don’t have the flu but more so of the common cold . Here is my list of the  TOP 3 things that helped me while Titan was sick . I will also leave a link below for  a few signs of when its time to take your little one to the doctor.

Top 3 items that helped me while my child was sick

  1.  HAND SANITIZER –  I always keep this on me in my diaper bag or purse but its especially important to always wash your hands before handling your baby when sick and after. You do not  want to keep transferring any germs between your little one or you.
  2. NOSE SUCTION-  I’m not going to even try to convince you that baby’s love when you use this item, but its helped me so much with Titans clogged nose. By using this through out the day my baby felt more relief when he slept & during  his Breastfeeding session. I saw more of a improvement in him.  He was able to focus more on his meal and didn’t have to struggle as much to breathe. ( Side note * he did cry sometimes when I did it, so afterwards I placed a little Vaseline around his nose to help the dryness or irritation .)
  3. Humidifier –  This is a miracle from the gods! No more old school getting in your  bathtub and running the shower so steam can feel your nostrils. All you do is fill this item up with water and let it do the work for you. It helps you breathe better and filters out clean air .

Most of these items you might already have lying around the house. If not you could go to your neighborhood Walmart or Walgreens and get them for under $20.00  bucks. Of course I still am dealing with a extra fussy child , But I’m still showering him with plenty of cuddles wrapped in his favorite monkey blanket. Titan should be feeling better soon with rest and a little  TLC.  But its highly noted that you should not give your infant /child medicines that has not been prescribed by their doctor. So with that said these little hacks have helped me relieve some of the pain. The common cold usually last any where from 5 to 7 days so  look forward to repeating these steps along with staying hydrated both you and baby especially if your breastfeeding like me. Always check for wet diapers to make sure your little one is eating enough. As sickness can bring as loss of appetite in some cases. I hope this has helped you some, if you have any of your own home remedies please leave a comment below on whats worked for you .  Here is  a link to for things to look out for if its something more serious then a common cold.


** Please note that I am not a doctor , if you feel you  need medical attention for you or your child call your nurse line or 911 for an emergency. 

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