Love Doesn’t Hurt . PERIOD

Hey Mommas out there , I have been away from this spot for far to long its time to get back to myself and get back to spreading the word to others. I’ve been doing well (I’ll give a update on my self next post ) . This post however could not wait though… I can not let another day go by with out shouting the lyrics to lizzo’s Truth hurts record ” I took a DNA test and turns out um 100% that Chick ” which is what I want you all to feel out there ! But the truth of the matter is that sometimes we don’t feel that way about our selves and sometimes we let others treat us like were UN worthy of true value or love.

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day I saw a post that the rapper Nicki minija posted about How love should not hurt. It got me to thinking …Have I experienced these things she listed before? Have I seen someone close to me go through some of these things ? YES and YES .

Here’s the post below read it. Ask your self have you been through this? And then lets chat about it …

picture cred . @Theshaderoom

This is a no judge zone .. I realize that Self reflecting can be tough but Im so happy that Nicki minaj was BOLD enough to make this statement that most wouldn’t dare to speak out about. I personally have been through at least 4 of these things on that list. Matter of fact since this post is all about highlighting that love doesn’t hurt Im going to open up and say that I have been through EVERYTHING on this list except for #1 . In past relationships I have played ” The part” the girl who loves hard and gets knocked down even harder . I have made excuses for ex’s behavior , I’ve covered for a abuser, kept people in my life that made me feel awful about myself. I have since then taken mental notes of what a healthy relationship looks like…and although I am not perfect I am trying my best. I cant stress enough that if you love your self first whole hardly with your flaws and all then its very hard for a men/woman to pull this crap and continue to get away with it.

There is no way you should not be in a relationship were you are crying all the time, feeling self doubt , continuously wondering were your spouse is. Love should make you feel good. Love should make you want to conquer the world together. Take notice If you don’t feel any of those things in the relationship your in now THEN RUN get out now. Domestic abuse is NOT to be tolerated on any account . Reach out for help confide in someone who can help assist you with a exit plan. It is not your fault and I’m here to say you deserve better.

Most importantly In a time & age were social media is taking over …it’s becoming a more dangerous game to get online and see that someone has blasted your pictures all over the internet or slander your name. Don’t stand for that block and report that person and take action. Love your self first and everything else will work out. You are a boss ! You can achieve that goal you want ! You do look good in that dress !! Tell your self something good about your self everyday and that affirmation will start to give you the confidence that you need. So if you have been through anything on this list and it continues to happen to you….then leave . Make a exit plan and don’t look back. Cheating is unacceptable , domestic violence is a BIG NO- GO !! Your life and mental health is worth more then settling for less. I will list some information below for domestic violence hotline.

Until next time mommas

National Domestic violence hotline number

 1-800-799-7233 Chat w/ an advocate .

National abuse website

How I achieved my goal while rocking a baby on my hip !!

Moms I did it ! I finished my Community health worker certification program while entering my first year of being a first time mom. If I can do it then you can to !! Revisiting my educational goals have always been something important to me. Its pretty clear from the very first day of giving birth that I need to be in a position to provide for my child by all means necessary.

Me finishing this program while my child was under 1 yrs old , was challenging but never the less rewarding. I had hard nights and long days between juggling breastfeeding (on demand) working , being in love ( because we all know that takes so much of your energy lol) taking care of house hold duties. I could name so much everyday stuff that would get in the way on homework nights but I OVERCAME it all. You can to with the right support system around you. Truth be told with out my support system I couldn’t have done it.

Me & My son Titan with the off guard looks.

Can I let you in on a little seceret ?

So to keep it nice and short a Community health worker is someone who acts as a liaison between getting health and social services to those in need. During my time in school I have gotten the chance to volunteer at some cool events . Being in contact with so many other mothers/ women out there like me, who are just trying to figure out life while living . It has been such a big eye opener to me . This experience has taught me so much I’m even thinking about going back to obtain my bachelors degree ! You can do anything you put your mind to. Having My mom take the same course I took with me in the same semester was just a added bonus to give me that push I needed. Seeing her accomplish something as well motivated me to realize no matter what your age or time frame its NEVER to late to be a goal SETTER.

When its all said and done whats holding you back ? Fear ! Fear can only last so long before your inner voice creeps in and lets you know that you’ve got this. Once you slap all of those fears away you become UNSTOP ABLE.

Lets try something here together Today …..

  1. Write down on a piece of paper your goals
  2. Next write down your fears ( Pertaining to whats standing in your way)
  3. LASTLY… throw away the list of FEARS and focus on your goals .

Over the next month figure out what steps you can take to get closer to your goals. Remember that everyone’s goals may not look like yours. That’s what makes you unique . It may be something as small as getting all house hold things done, or finally publishing that book you been writing. Whatever the goal is find some-type of motivation to get there. As always I will be here every step of the way if you need more tips leave a comment below . I have a feeling this conversation will spark a fire in you to make a change !

Until next time, Mommas

6 random things I’ve learned over the past few weeks..

Hey mommas, First let me start off by welcoming my own return to my blog .

Okay so you want to know what I’ve been up to ? point blank in a nut shell Motherhood! I’ve been all over the place . I’m back enrolled in school and having separation anxiety from Titan. I’ve had to keep up with my goal of implementing some type of exercise through out the week and I’ve also had some personal obstacles during the last 2 months. But I’m back and ready to reconnect and inspire some women/moms again . So here’s a list of crazy random ,cliche things I’ve learned.

1. When life gives you lemons make lemon pie.

I dont handle sudden Changes well and sometimes I get so stuck in a world wind, that the actual problem it’s self seems bigger then it is. I stressed over who would watch Titan while I was at school. Only to have my little brother step up to help with no fuss(PROBLEM SOLVED). Now I can focus on getting my certification as a Community health advocate in hope of reaching out to help more people.

2. Being organized is the key to success.

When it comes down to it we are at our best when we already know the “Game plan ” . You have to list, alarms, reminders and goal setters if you want to be successful . How else will you remember to meet deadlines ? I hate going into things blindly, I like to know what I’m doing…I feel more in charge that way.

3. Find love in yourself

It is so utterly hard to find love in someone else when you don’t already love your self ! Before aware of the red flags when falling in love . I’ve come across this way to many times in my life to the point were I tell myself

” look you are enough, you are talented and you light up the room with your smile”

Sometimes you just need a little self boost to remind yourself of how rocking you really are when people try to tear you down.

4. Kids 1st birthdays shouldn’t be huge

I recently celebrated Titans 1st birthday in August with a bubble guppie theme party. Let’s just say that I still have left over party favors in September!! And he fell asleep before cake and ice cream/ gift opening. Do -not go over your budget or over the top for a party. Your baby will just love to see that thier parents are smiling at them and good vibes are in the air.

5. Stay CONNECTED with friends and family.

In a world full of technology it’s really easy to stay in contact with people . With all the different social media outlets or just a regular phone call here and there is good for the soul. You can’t handle life alone , we need adult conversations in our life it can’t be all baby talk. It’s good to release and let people in on what’s going on with you. When we shut our selves off from the world we tend to become sheltered in our own right , which is not always a good thing.

6. It’s okay to reinvent our selves

I have changed career paths over 5 times. I have fallen in love 3 times . I have changed my hair color with what mood I’m feeling. I go back and forth in my head on what’s right and what’s wrong. I have left some friendships in the past and I have refuel old ones as well. My views on certain topics have changed since having my first child and I’m not going to apologize for it. We are women it’s okay to change our minds ! You can not fully grow until you have shed old skin (Habits) . I say all this to say be yourself, be kind, be different . Explore new outlooks on life .Change is good when needed.



If you have discovered new things about your self or have commentary about something on my list, feel free to comment below or email me @

The truth about mommy writers block

Hey mommas, it’s been over a month since I have wrote a blog post . Although I would love to blame it on me having writers block it’s just not that simple. Life’s really got me by the hook right now. After celebrating my 28 birthday I kinda felt stuck.

I’m just as normal as any other mom out there trying to find her way threw this thing called”motherhood ” . Although I would love to say it’s been all peaches and pies , it hasn’t . There’s mothering, family, love-life and career choices mixed all in one and I just got burnt out on all of the above. If these other mom “Bloggers” won’t tell you I will ; It’s hard to make time for pumping milk , keeping a blog updated and delicious full course meals on the table every night. Not to mention The fact that I have been failing miserably at this exercise thing. I just want to excel at this thing called motherhood and be able to get through a complete list of things to do in one week.

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How to increase your milk production in 3 easy steps

** This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you read my disclosure page for more info.


Hey mommas! I’m a breast feeding mom who has learned a lot about breast feeding through research and advice from my best friend . Although this journey has not been a easy one I’m 8 months in and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I struggled a lot with producing milk and was told that I could increase my milk production on my own or with the help of these lactation snacks and a good pump routine . I DID BOTH … when I first came home from the hospital I was a pumping machine.  Since Titan wouldn’t latch well I bottled fed him for the first week. After a lot of patience and praying he finally caught the drift of it.

Although I was making enough milk to feed him through out the day I stressed about making a “Milk stash” and having plenty of milk for bottles in case other people wanted to feed him like his dad etc. Lord forbid I had to send him to a daycare

( Thankfully I haven’t had to I’m a stay at home mom) and I wouldn’t have enough breast milk to send with him. I started doing research on ways to keep my milk production up and so many things pop up on the web. Now what works for one momma may not work for another . But I would recommend these options to any one .


I personally tried all other methods before diving into these cookies. But when I tell you that I made a good choice by trying them I’m not exaggerating ! Not only do they taste good ,but you only need to eat a few cookies a day (Or you could eat the whole pack like me ) . These cookies aren’t harmful to you or the child.  My Titan didn’t have any bad reactions.  Also noted My milk did not decrease in any way. I herd that some other women have experience a decrease in milk after trying snacks with  the Fenugreek ingredient  in them (These cookies do not include that ). However I saw a instant change within the next couple of days. My boobs were full of milk and I was able to pump for a full bottle. I would recommend these to any one who is on the go and needs a boast.


This pump has made my transition into breast feeding so easy. It has different pump levels and massage options for those in need of a little help with self expressing there milk. It has a built in night light for that late night pump session. I can not stress enough that  The more you pump the more you send signals to your body that it needs to produce more milk. You have to keep a good pump routine so that your body can keep up with your child’s eating demands. Try to get a quick 15 min session in the early morning’s when your breast tend to be more fuller. And try to repeat that 4-5 times a day.


A lot of mom’s complain about not making enough milk without realizing that they have to stay hydrated themselves . You’ve got to drink plenty of H2O !!! I can’t stress enough how this plays a big part in breastfeeding . I have even went as far as drank the “Secret” blue Gatorade that’s been a myth to have helped lots of mothers produce more milk. I’m no lactation consultant but I will say that when I had that flavor I did wake up with fuller breast and was ready for a feeding. At the end of the day it all results back to staying hydrated and replenishing your body from all the energy it takes to breast feed.

I am sure you’ve  herd some of these tips before if so pass them on to a friend or take the advice yourself. Breast feeding is a big part of my daily routine and although it can be trying at times Im so happy I made the choice to do it. So don’t give up mommas keep pumping, stay hydrated and try a cookie or too. Contact your local lactation office  for more tips on this topic.  If you want to continue the conversation lets chat leave a comment below .

**Please be advised that before trying any products always talk it over with your doctor


3 warning signs it’s time to break up with your birth control

Hey there mommas , sorry about the scary post title but I felt the need to be a bit dramatic. As I write this post I have a long awaited doctors appointment with my obgyn tomorrow , I am one nervous momma  to say the least.  However I’m still more confused as why it took me so long to make the appointment in the first place(as it always is with any break up ). One thing I do know for sure is that it’s time to break up with my IUD birth control.

I initially got my birth control a couple of months after the birth of my son, I felt that it was the right thing to do by doctors orders and by my own decision to wait for another child. Looking back I wish I would have waited and did more research on this matter. We aren’t talking about trying out a new food and not liking it . We’re talking about something that is semi permanent but could have long term effects on you and your body as a women. It scared the living day lights out of me but all I kept thinking was I don’t want to be pregnant again within a year ! Which made me make a big choice within a little time.

After doing slight research and haven already had previous experience with the patch (yikes I gained so much weight with that method ) in the past. I chose to go with the IUD -liletta  this time. The idea of not having to worry about getting pregnant for 3 years and the fact that it’s a one time insert procedure made me feel like it was the easiest thing to do. I skimmed through the paper work of the pros and cons about it in the waiting room and just went with it . What’s the worst thing that could happen right ?

Well Number 1.

The procedure was awful, painful, and unbecoming. As I laid back on the cold chair in the doctors office I kept starring at the ceiling thinking why am I doing this again ? Yes they did warn me that it would be some discomfort but it felt like birth all over again with the pap smear like beginning. I think everyone herd me in the doctors office when I yelled out ” I can’t take it ” my stomach was contracting so fast at that point.

Besides the awkward ride home from the doctors office, I popped some meds and took it easy the rest of the day . I felt like everything would be fine after a couple of days and I wouldn’t have to worry about the little U shaped object with strings that were inside of me. The worst part was over right ?

Wrong again


It was explained to me that after a couple of months I would have little to no period/bleeding . That was a lie . I’ve experience so much spoting that it’s almost annoying to get dressed because I always have to be mindful of my situation. The cramps have been like a blow to my stomach. The worst ever !


I’ve gained so much weight it has put me in a bad place emotionally. After the birth of titan I was losing weight fast because of the breast feeding and pumping I was doing. The Iud in my case has reversed that. I can’t seem to lose weight at all and my cravings for food has increased . I’m not sure if it’s the hormones or what but after I get it token out I’m hoping for some type of weight loss.

Those are just a few of my complaints about this birth control. After taking all of this in consideration I feel like it’s time to let go of it. I wake up with pain in my legs and stomach area every week. I kept telling my self it would go away but after 6 months now and no change. It’s time to BREAK UP. Besides I’m only 27 years old and I wouldn’t want to do any other damage to my body as it pertains to producing more babies. I just cant take this discomfort anymore or the unknown feeling of what this thing is doing to my lady parts. Not to mention in the fine print they say you could experience blood clots, pelvic disease and cysts on your ovaries. As if that’s not scary enough, I’m just not willing to stick  around to find out if it’s true.

I don’t know about you but my body isn’t taking well to this birth control and through more research I will decide to go with another one within the next 6 months . I don’t want to rush into having another child right now as Titan already keeps me busy. Plus with my new business ventures I’m just starting to do everything I’ve dreamed of, but if god places another baby into my life I wont be mad.

With that said, What works for me may not work for you and vice versus always consult with your doctor to make the best informed choice . View your options and have those healthy conversations. Always Practice safe SEX.  As far as for myself  I’m breaking up with my IUD birth control and will be looking for other options. If you have any questioneds or comments please feel free to connect with me below. If you want more information on the IUD visit here.


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Are You The Alternative Momma?

Do you feel like you get judged sometimes as a mom due to your appearance?

Do you share different beliefs that one might think prevents you from being a good mom?

Do you get stares because you may be in a single parent household

Well let’s talk then mommas, I’m sure we all have more in common then one would like to think. Let me just start off by saying this, I was a different woman before I had my son and even though I thought everything would change about me it didn’t. Sure I may not go out as much as I did before but there are sometimes I just want a break. A night out on the town to let my hair free maybe even have a couple of shots. Does that make me a bad mom? No, it doesn’t. I’m still capable of giving the same love to my child as anyone else. As mothers its already hard on us to be the supermoms we are, and once we throw society in that our views on motherhood are easily persuaded.

Back to this appearance thing might take a look at me and make a judgment.I have facial piercings and a few small tattoos but I’m still kind and I promise I don’t bite. I would really hate to think that in the future when I’m setting up my Titans play dates, some mothers would be put off at the thought of hanging out with me or him because of appearance. I’m even all for blended families. It’s like 2018 we’ve got to loosen up as a society from those old myths of ” Good moms don’t have tattoos ” or those whispers of “If she was a good mother she would have took those piercings out “. No – Way! Being a mother doesn’t stop me from being self-expressive in ways that I find creative and it shouldn’t stop you either.

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The Hands Free Momma Gadgets

How do us mothers get through our busy day? let alone stay-at-home mothers. It’s like you have to have a battery pack built-in to keep up with these kids. My little doesn’t even walk yet and he’s already running circles around me with his mood swings.

I think its a no-brainier that rather your babysitting someone’s kid or watching your own you will need some activities to do or some of these gadgets/baby toys to keep the little ones busy. I know I mention that I’m a first-time mom a lot, but even more so I’m a SHAM ( stay at home mom). I have to watch over Titan and keep up with household things not to mention keep this blog flowing with awesome content. At first I was little discouraged like how am I going to keep up with all of this ? How am I going to keep him happy and still maintain around the house . I don’t like to sit my baby in front of the television all day and my main concern is always safety 1st if I have to walk away and tend to something. So at my baby shower, I was thankfully  gifted with a few items as well as I have gone out and purchased a few on my own. If your baby is anything like mine then you have tried a few things that did work and a few that didn’t. His rock and play wasn’t a hit and home run for him right off the back but he soon grew to love it. however, as a 7-month-old baby, he has changed stages and is now so into his jumper and bouncer !! I can actually get a few dishes done and a load in the wash while he’s in his jumper. I’m just going to show you what I’m talking about I’m not into wasting time I live for solutions so here goes

The does all jumper

This has made my little one so happy. He thrives when he’s in this thing. I love the bright colors on it and fuzzy little details. It plays music, it lights up & adjusts to 3 different levels. It will grow with your baby in all ages up to 1+ depending on weight and it so easy to move around the house. So if you need to get something done this could possibly be your best friend.

Don’t have the room for the big toy in your way? Then maybe this next item will suit you better

The small bouncing buddy

This bouncer is so cute and lightweight with adjustable safety buckles.I don’t have to worry too much about my baby getting out. But if you have a child that’s at the sitter stage I’d keep an eye on them. You don’t want your little one leaning forward and possibly hitting his head. I love the feature play bar because it’s detachable so if your little one isn’t feeling the toy he has a hands-free option. I’ve even been guilty of feeding titan his solids in this thing once or twice (A mommas gotta do what mommas gotta do ).

Now some people get them mixed up but to me the difference between the jumper and a bouncer is evident. The jumper will let your little one move more freely so they won’t have to sit still ; Where as a bouncer keeps them in place with a play bar in front of them. whichever you choose both are great options to keep them safe, engaged and keeping your hands-free for a sec. These like so many other options out there help us get things done. We can not hold our baby’s all day and expect to get dinner prepared. (Who am I kidding my Titan won’t let me put him down half the time ) But what we can do is create a balance so that we get to spend time with our little one and see them put their imagination to work while playing and learning on their own. If your still feeling to tired and discouraged read my post on how to keep pushing when you have felt like you’ve had enough. You got this under control we are all super moms in our own right.

This post did contain some affiliate links ,but If you want something like what I’ve got then visit the links above. What are some of your go to toys for your little one? Comment below to continue the conversation I would love to hear your take.

Until next time mommas.

The Diaper Bag Theory

This post does contain a affiliate link .

As a first time mom everything being taught to me is new. Sometimes I get over whelmed with all of the choices they have out there for children. Especially when it comes to different products. I usually ask my mom or one of my friends with kids about certain items before I purchase them. Word of mouth is a source people having been using for years. Not to mention the influence added with social media that makes your decision to buy things 10x harder !! I know I’m not the only mom who goes online to buy something and gets hit with all sort of comments from buyers making me back pedal my choice sometimes .

In all I’m happy when I hear from other mom’s just like me because we all want the same thing . Something safe and something that will make our kids happy (And of course a bargain). Well all of these were tested when I was searching for my son’s diaper bag. If your like me then you always like to be prepared when leaving the house with your child. I quickly realized that it would be super expensive to find a decent stylish/non bulky diaper bag that could hold all of Titans things. Being prepared means having enough diapers/bottles/cups/ Toys, and emergency supplies as the list goes on. Me personally I don’t like big bulky diaper bags , but I was willing to carry whatever to get the job done. Even if that meant that I would dread packing and carrying his bag .

Well my worst fear had came true I received a diaper bag gift at my baby shower , now in all fairness it did have a cute little monkey on it and a few pockets for easy travel, but it was big . However I grew to love it being that it was my first diaper bag ever ! But I knew I would have to get another one soon. When I would take titan to the doctor I had to carry the big diaper bag and my purse, it was beginning to be team to much. I started looking online and saw this stylish bag that every mom was raving about and I thought to myself ” It can’t be that great ” they advertised a affordable stylish bag with plenty of space for all your babies needs. The places they put the pockets on the bag were unique. It was like you had space for everything even your wallet !! They also had a cute little built in wipe holder.

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5 cheap activities to do during spring break

Spring break is here and you may may want to have a little fun with your child but dont want to have to break the bank. Well good news, you don’t have to ! Here is my list of 5 fun things to do in Texas with your family that are memory worthy.

Hi there mommas, spring break is here. The week we all either dread or love. Some might love spring break because its a a full week of spending time with your family or friends, while others may dread the idea of a house full of kids running around with nothing to do.  Rather you love it or hate it you have come to the right place. I am going to share with you some places I love to visit during this crunch time. Let me start this list of with my number 1 tip .. Saving money. Who doesn’t like to save a buck ? I’m going to try to keep this list with activities under $25 dollars . Lets get to it, I want you to feel confident scheduling your week without a glitch .

1. Dallas zoo 

This has always been a favorite place for me to visit. Having worked here a couple years back I’ve gotten to experience a lot of fun times seeing animals in  a fast paced atmosphere. Me and baby Titan went here this past weekend and it was a blast his first zoo trip. We walked around site seeing and even had the chance to feed a giraffe. As far as lunch goes they do have a restaurant (prices vary) or you could always save extra money buy bringing your own lunch (I would recommend that ) even having the kids help pack their lunch prior to going could be something fun for you both.  Although being a member comes with great perks you still can go and enjoy this fun attraction for less.   Adults $15 • kids 3-11 are $12 • Children 2 & under free   

2. Children’s Aquarium at fair park 

If you are a fish lover or just like blue waters and tranquility , this is the place for you. They have many activities within this small place to explore. Lots of up close fish tanks to look and learn with your child. Plus another added bonus to saving money you can bring your lunch here to mommas. They have a sting ray bay touch and feed section (only $2 for this ) Parking is always available and its fun for all ages don’t let the name fool you. Its one of the best places to go at fair park in Dallas. Adults $8 • kids 3-6 $6 • Children 2& under free !

3. Nicklerama 

A family owned building full of arcades games almost like a chuckie chesse but every game you play is a nickel. You cant beat 5 cents per game. They have a set up like no other with its unique style Cafeteria tables. You can bring your own drinks and food. With games and prizes and a entry price of only $3.50 , its sure to put a big smile on your kids faces. For a spring break special if you buy a $5.00 cup of nickels you get in free !  Continue reading “5 cheap activities to do during spring break”